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Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
weather, rain in japan, hot and humid in singapore and snow at the great while. korea though, very nice. i better get going. thanks for tuning into i'm signing off from alaska. let's go. >> the trip director on that one kenny thompson, he needed us to get on the plane. the plane was ready to leave and he was like i need one more tae, i need one more tae, we can do it on the plane. it was not quite enough. and with that tragedy had like two opened up to questions if anyone has any. i think you are all supposed to use this microphone so i will get that one. >> the did i understand that you said that once you films for the day, you could not add it? you had to use everything. >> no, no i can't decide if i want to keep something for the archives are not. every time the camera went on and off again all that has to go to the presidential library for the archives. anything that was released with go through a normal process like in a still photograph to the press shop in the white house white house and in the release but we are talking about hardships and stuff, after a lon
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
catastrophe in japan in the united states immediate need they want to say what is the president doing, what is he saying? with the policies? 30 years ago that would've been 11 of the questions, but it would be a central question. it's amazing what they can do. obama has more power than bush. >> yeah, i believe is your viewing of a better president than the inner workings of the white house than ever. why is that our fault? >> it is in part our fault and the messengers get better and better and more skillful than is the barrier often. god knows how much time i spend breaking down -- but cannot log jam in the white house, saying and doing this book, i've got the stories come it got these notes, it got these notes and stable answer questions. it's not something where they're standing on pennsylvania avenue same to the reporters, hold on, were dying to have you hold us accountable for what are doing. >> you do manage to break people down, but what the white house said were going to shut down. alexis, no menace. anyone who works at this will be fired if they work with woodward. but what sh
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
relationship now in japan and this is not good. i have to say i think japan probably hasn't played this as well as it might have, but i think on the other hand it would be fair to say also that it serves china's purposes to have something happening outside his orders which can rally people at home. there's a lot of complex things going on in each of these reactions to foreign movements outside. >> which makes your job complicated. i wonder if you go back to the news last week with the north koreans surprisingly, given reports of their technical difficulties but the long-range missile tests seem to fully back or not. >> we have been communicating with the chinese about the need to dissuade north korea from launching a missile. although they say for satellite into outer space it's using the same technology that's important, that would be used to launch a nuclear warhead. this type of missile technology is expressly covered under u.n. security council resolutions, prohibiting such testing of missiles and the type of technology, supported by china even. the last time in spring when china tried
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
europe and japan on their backs to the u.s. dollar what as the international system currency did not make it a very vital it's not just fun to deal it's the settlement in world war ii and the superpower status in the international economy. the dominant party might be called regime party because they are able to use their political strength to carry forward the basic theme around which the political settlements were organized. jefferson's party looks to the blues and democracy expansion and the freedom and capitalism, fdr the themes of national regulation and internationalism and in this sense the united states has had a two-party system rather one-and-a-half party system assisting the regime party and the competitive forced to adapt is now on the position. the competitors in the 1840's that democrats after the civil war and the republicans in the postwar era won the national elections but only after accepting the legitimacy with the basic political fema established by the regime party. it's interesting to read the platforms and the democratic party in the 1840's because the assau
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
the invasion of japan without considering the atomic bomb. it was estimated that the land would cost 700,000 and 250,000 of our youngsters to be killed, and 500,000 of them to be maimed for life. >> as harry truman's grandson, somebody in the middle of this, i have to -- i choose to honor both, both the sacrifice and the sacrifice of the american servicemen fighting their way through the pacific, and of a little girl like sadako who died as a result of the bombing. unimaginable what that must have been like to be close to that, to the center where that fire ball originate the in the blast strongest. >> follow the journey sunday on c-span's 3 american history tv. the president's eldest ground son in washington to talk about meetings with bomb survivors and the inspare ration of the trip at 9 p.m. eastern. >> there's $750 billion of waste in health care annually. bruce brussard recently spoke to the city club of cleveland about health care, insurance, and medicare. this is an hour. >> good afternoon, welcome to the city club of cleveland. i'm president of the city club's burped of dire
Dec 20, 2012 11:00pm EST
to immigrate from japan at a time when there was strong and real prejudice that still existed in america, a man who came of age as the second war burst upon the scene, and that very prejudice against japanese-americans reached a kris -- cresnedo. as majority leaders eluded to, on the way to church with your grandfather, listening to the radio about the bombing that was taking place in pearl harbor, and at first as danny told the story, over several times, at least i heard it, he thought it was the wells kind of thing, and they drove, and looked on the hoer rye -- horizon and could see pearl harbor, the bombs bursting. he was then labeled an enemy alien. he was labeled an enemy alien as his family was. because of his japanese an ancestry, but he fought. he fought for the chance to fight for his country and had to fight for the chance to fight for his country, not just to prove that he was an american, but because he knew, he knew what was at stake, because it was the right thing to do. my mom, as i was telling my colleagues before we came out, used to have an expression. shedd say
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6